From the Battalion Chief

Happy New YEAR!! It’s March 2017 and for those of you who may have checked our website know this is my first update since 2012.  There have been many changes in the Aromas Tri-County Fire District since then.  An obvious change is our website.  The start of 2017 a change was made to allow better management of our website locally.  This gives us the ability to reach out to you via the World Wide Web to keep you involved in what is happening to your fire department.  Information such as seasonal safety tips, new programs in the Fire District, pictures and updates “From the Battalion Chief” will occur more often.

The first big change in our website since 2012 is the addition of our social media links.  The Aromas Tri-County Fire District uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach out to our social medial followers to update them on occurrences, emergencies and special programs that we think you may want to know about.  Please “Follow us” by clicking the links at the bottom of our home page.

As I look back at my last message from 2012 I am reminded that much has changed.  California was entering another year of drought that would be followed by 5 more years of serious drought.  This past winter California and the ATCFPD received a significant amount of much needed rainfall.  Along with the much needed rain, significant winds pushed over large trees, damaged property and caused leaf litter to cover your yards and houses changing the arrangement and location of wildfire fuels.  It won’t be long until the grasses dry out and the risk of wildfire will significantly increase.  Now is the time to begin cleanup.  Review the link on this website to learn how to be “Ready for Wildfire”.

Many of you may consider burning your downed trees and leaf litter to remove them from your property.  Residential burn season continues through April 30, 2017.  Please be very safe while using this method to clean your property.  You must have a permit to burn in the Aromas Tri-County Fire District.  You can receive a burn permit by coming to the firehouse and asking for one.  The firefighters will provide you with a FREE permit as well as directions on how to burn safely.

Beginning April 1, 2017 CAL FIRE, the Aromas Tri-County Fire District and the Aromas Water District have worked cooperatively to provide you an alternate means to remove these fuels from your property.  The Aromas Chipper Program is a grant funded program that allows residents of the Aromas Fire District to trim their vegetation and bring it to the Aromas Water District lot to have it chipped.  Once chipped you are welcome to take as much of the wood chips home with you to use for your yards and flower beds.  This is a GREAT way to prepare for wildfire and conserve water “one chip at a time”.  Check our website and social media sites for more information regarding the Aromas Chipper Program.

I will conclude with saying I am excited to have this new method of communicating with the constituents of the Fire District.  Check back often as we now have the ability to update our information to you regularly.  I look forward to continued service via the World Wide Web and hope to expand this method of communication to meet your needs.

Reno DiTullio Jr.
Battalion Chief
CAL FIRE Aromas Tri-County Fire District